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Hardwood 101

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Creating a warm and inviting living space that welcomes family and friends with style is at the heart of good design - and quality hardwood flooring from CFM is one of the best ways to achieve it.

No other investment can refresh and revive your living space quite like new hardwood floors. With hundreds designs to choose from - there is a look for every taste and a style for every room.

Hardwood Floor Benefits

  • Straight-forward installation - specifically milled to ensure a uniform and stable fit

  • Easy to clean - A weekly cleaning procedure involves vacuuming, damp-mopping, and keeping the floor dry

  • High-quality look - the warmth, beauty, and value of wood never goes out of style

  • Strength and durability - quality hardwood floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have long-term durability

  • A great long-term investment - hardwood floors increases the value of your property

  • Variety - many colors, styles, stains, and species available

  • Better acoustics - a properly installed hardwood floor never gives you hollow sounds or vibrations.

  • Healthy indoor air quality - no fibers, grout lines, or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens

  • Ageless quality - hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced when the finish needs an update

How Hardwood is Constructed

Solid Hardwood

As the name suggests, solid hardwood is a single, solid piece of wood. It is coveted for its authenticity, longevity and durability. Hardwood can vary in quality, so consider where it was sourced, as well as what kind of protective finish it has.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple layers of wood with a hardwood top layer that is 100% natural. Below the top layer, cross layers of plywood are pressed to create a strong, stable core. This multi-ply structure gives engineered wood the flexibility to be installed in places where solid hardwood isn’t an option, such as in basements, over concrete floors or over radiant heating systems.

How to Clean and Maintain Hardwood Floors

  • Sweep & vacuum regularly to remove abrasive agents that may scratch your hardwood floor

  • Do not wet mop or steam clean wood floors! Excessive moisture can warp and disfigure the material

  • Damp mops like Bona or Swiffer systems are perfect and should be used regularly in addition to vacuuming

Note: Always refer the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines for the flooring you have chosen. It is important to follow their care instructions so as not to void any warranties.

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