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For the Love of Patterned Carpet

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Stanton Delineate in Indigo

Solid colored carpets have dominated flooring choices for the past several years because of their simplicity and uniformity. However, patterned carpets are a deceptively versatile design choice that is becoming more and more popular. Whether subtle or bold, choices like stripes, dots, botanicals, abstract, or geometric add an extra layer of visual interest to your room.

What exactly is patterned carpet?

As the name implies, a patterned carpet is a floor covering with a pattern in the design. Some patterns are created with different lengths of yarn or styles of cut. Other carpets have a bolder approach and introduce multiple colors and designs to form patterns. Whether you choose a pattern that is subtly incorporated into the yarns or one that is distinctly created by color, you have some beautiful options from which to choose.

Yarn-style patterns

Yarn-style patterns are generally made by combining some cut yarn with some looped yarn or higher pile loops with lower pile loops. This style is also known as textured carpet and is going to create patterns that are repetitive in nature and may include geometric shapes or more abstract designs. Some patterned carpets of this style include different shades of yarn – often within the same color family – to make the pattern more obvious.

Dyed patterns

Carpet yarns can also be dyed to create a contrasting color pattern. These patterns range the full spectrum from quiet swiss dots to bold swirls and circles. Homeowners can also choose from natural designs – think leaves, flowers, grasses; geometric patterns such as circles, parallelograms… stripes and checks… or even plaids. Yarn colors can also be used to create a repetitive abstract shape in your carpet.

Benefits of patterned carpet

Your selection of carpet pattern is first going to result from your personal preference and home decor style. Design influences aside, there are some very practical benefits to choosing patterned carpets as well:

  • Patterns create depth and a focal point

  • Patterned carpet looks elegant and high end

  • Patterns can make rooms look larger and hallways look longer.

  • Patterned carpets mask stains and spills.

  • Patterned carpets also do a great job of hiding wear and tear.


50 Shades of Neutral

Nervous to go bold with unique patterns, bright colors and loud shapes? Then stay neutral! Stick with popular colors like cream, tan, beige, gray and even blue, but find subtle patterns that complement your style, yet add a bit more visual interest and personality to your space.

Get In Shape with Geometrics

Geometric designs, more than abstract ones, can convey a feeling of calm and order. In a classic environment, geometric carpets using simple shapes emphasize the orderliness and cleanliness of the furnishings. The same rug or carpet, when placed with colorful furniture and walls, will convey the idea of an informal and cheerful space.

Go Wild with Animal Prints

If you're looking to make a bold choice this year, animal print carpets may be your new found love. Animal prints are all about pattern and walking on the wild side! Available in more colors and patterns than ever before, these exotic textiles add warmth and chic to any interior. To create high-impact in a room, use an animal print area rug as a focal point in a room, but limit its use to the floor to keep it from overwhelming the space. Best of all, carpet from the animal kingdom are considered a decorating neutral, which allows you to play with other colors, patterns, and styles in the room freely.

Bring the Outside In

From the vibrant color palette of an English cottage garden to the serene beauty of a Zen tea garden, botanical and nature-patterned carpet and rugs can have a vibe as varied as the gardens of the world. What they have in common is a fresh, outdoor-in feel that is bound to cheer up any space.

Earn Your Stripes

Adding a striped carpet to rooms will help to lengthen or add width to the area, making them appear larger than they are. Pair a striped carpet with light, neutral walls for the ultimate space maximizing effect. As with all patterned carpets, stripes are the ideal way to disguise marks and dirt that naturally builds up over time. The different colors work wonders at drawing your eye away from any imperfections - the ideal choice for areas of high traffic such as stairs and hallways.

Make a Big Statement!

A bold carpet can be a striking addition to any room, combining warmth and comfort with that all-important element of wow! With so many distinctive patterns and colors available, the question is: how bold do you go? If wall to wall is too much for you, consider an area rug instead.

Turn Any Carpet Into An Area Rug

CFM can help you with your area rug projects:

  • Order pre-made area rugs directly from any of our manufacturers

  • Have a piece of carpet custom made into an area rug in any size and binding of your choice.

Either way you go, you can trust the quality and construction you'll get with an area rug from us.

Which Pattern Will You Choose?

Patterned carpets aren’t just a fun design trend, they are a great way to enhance the design of your home. When you’re ready to look at adding some pattern to your floor, stop by CFM to see our wide selection of carpet.

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