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Cabinet Design Styles

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Canyon Creek - Cornerstone Shaker in Maple with Sable Finish
Canyon Creek - Cornerstone Shaker in Maple with Sable Finish

Implementing well thought out style elements into your new kitchen will elevate you from a mundane kitchen that you would get from a big box store or online cabinet retailer to a stunning kitchen that is truly the centerpiece of your home.

At CFM, our Expert Cabinet Designers will ensure that your new kitchen or other cabinet project includes the necessary design details to make your kitchen truly unique, no matter how large or small your budget may be.

When designing any kitchen,our designers typically reference the three major styles of kitchen design:

Traditional Cabinet Style

Traditional cabinets typically feature more detail, often in the form of raised panel doors or bead board designs. Colors range from clean whites and creams, to reds, tans, and a variety of wood tones.

What it looks like: Inset cabinets with recessed doors, where you see the frame around doors and the doors are set flush with the frame, are popular options in traditional cabinet styles in additional to more elaborate molding details. Typically more ornamental in design.

Transitional Cabinet Style

Transitional cabinets have a sophisticated look that hits the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary. It blends the comfort and warmth of traditional design with the clean profiles and muted colors of modern looks.

What it looks like: Shaker cabinet doors tend to lead the way. Warm neutrals rule: cream, taupe, tan, khaki, gray, with the occasional hint of chocolate or espresso brown. Transitional spaces might blend wood and stone with stainless steel and minimal hardware.

Contemporary Cabinet Style

Contemporary cabinets are usually frameless. Lines are clean and straight, molding and mill work is minimized while storage and open space are maximized. Appliances are often seemlessly integrated in with the cabinetry.

What it looks like: Flat, or slab, styled cabinet doors are a hallmark characteristic of contemporary design. Contemporary kitchens often include mix of textures that can include soft or hard laminate doors, wood tones, and metal accents complete the look.

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