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2024's Hottest Tile Designs and Color Trends

Updated: Feb 6

La Terrazza from United Tile
La Terrazza from United Tile

Tile, a versatile material in interior design, adds functional elegance to various spaces like backsplashes, floors, showers, fireplaces, statement walls and more. Evolving in shapes, sizes, textures, materials, colors, and patterns, tile trends for 2024 blend enduring style with contemporary flair. Expect to see more warmth, natural character, and maybe even a little bravado appearing throughout people’s homes.

Tantalizing Terrazzo

Terrazzo tile, a trend from the vibrant 1970s, is set for a resurgence in 2024. It is part of an everything-old-is-new-again moment. The idea may be traditional, but the colors – and how the color is distributed within the tile – are not. Recognizable for its explosion of uniquely colored flecks and spots in both nostalgic tones and earthy hues, this tile revival introduces a groovy edge to any space.

Bold & Beautiful Marble

This year, large-format marble tiles will take center stage, offering a bold and versatile aesthetic for kitchens and bathrooms. Marble's adaptability allows it to create both airy and moody atmospheres. Anticipate the emergence of black marble and variations with burgundy, purple, and green tones. Ideal for flooring, showers, statement walls, and backsplashes, properly sealed marble is highly durable and easy to clean, presenting a lasting and low-maintenance option.

Surface Drenching

Surface drenching is a design strategy where every surface in a room, like countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and walls, features the same material. This creates a visually cohesive and soothing effect, especially impactful in primary bathrooms where various elements seamlessly blend. Light colors can make smaller spaces appear larger, while darker hues add depth and drama.

Perfectly Imperfect

Once upon a time, tiles were handmade and individually styled by artisans. While you can still find tiles like this today, ordering large qualities can get expensive. That’s why imperfect handmade-looking tiles are quickly becoming a go-to option for homeowners and contractors looking for a one-of-a-kind finish. This kind of tile uses a slightly different manufacturing process that gives the tile a warm and personal feel. And when it comes to applications and benefits, the only limit is your imagination. The biggest benefit of handmade-looking tiles is the unique nature of every piece. There isn’t true uniformity to the tile. This creates a warm and natural mood in any given space.

Touchable Tile

Textured tiles, also known as tactile or 3D tiles, leverage raised and recessed features to bring dimension and intrigue to a space. In 2024, these tiles, including fluted, slate, mosaic, wood-look, stack stone, and metal varieties, are expected to be ubiquitous in home design, adorning everything from floors and backsplashes to shower stalls and entire walls. Offering an organic, handcrafted feel with subtle contrasts, textured tiles provide visual interest to even the most neutral of colors.

Back to Nature

Preferences for nature-inspired hues and patterns will be evident again in 2024. This is also driven by concerns for emotional wellness. For a calming, relaxed, and welcoming space, earthy tones are taking over, including warm browns, terracotta oranges, watery blues and all shades of green. These earthy tones connect indoor spaces with the outdoors, bringing a sense of grounding and harmony to interiors.

We Sense a Pattern Here

Clarasea in Belmont by Daltile
Agio Enhance in Ovale by Emser Tile

Patterned tiles are bringing an abundance of personality and flair to interiors. These unique tiles have the power to turn any space into an artistic showcase, offering the flexibility to craft a completely distinctive and customized look. Whether boasting Mediterranean-inspired designs, captivating emblems, graphic lines, or more, patterned tiles, available in both ceramic and cement, are visual delights in kitchens, bathrooms, patios, and beyond. Their versatility extends to serving as a compelling alternative to traditional wallpaper.

While tile trends can serve as a great starting point for inspiration, the best tile choices for you are ultimately guided by what brings you joy. Start exploring now to find what suits you best.

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